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Welcome to Ciclismo Coffee Roasters

Hello, let me be the first to welcome you to Ciclismo Coffee Roasters!

My wife, Ashley, and I started Ciclismo Coffee Roasters out of a love of great coffee.  As we began talking to more and more of our friends about our home-roasted concoctions, we began giving coffee away as gifts, and ultimately selling to a select few friends and family.

Ciclismo Coffee

Ashley and I on our honeymoon in Angel Fire, NM.  We really fell in love with coffee from Mexico during this trip thanks to our friends at Porch Culture in Tyler, Texas.

After several months of selling small batch coffee from our small home roaster, we decided to upgrade, not out of desire for wealth or materialism, but to provide more people with delicious, fresh roasted coffee.  What most people don’t realize about the coffee they purchase on the average grocery store shelf is that there really isn’t any way to know when that product was roasted, where it was grown, and whether or not it was fairly purchased or the farmers even received a fair price for their goods.

Another thing most coffee drinkers don’t realize is the potential health benefits they regularly miss out on by drinking stale mass-produced coffee.  The benefits are myriad, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of Googling before you find 100+ articles about how beneficial coffee can be to your liver, heart, and overall well-being.  Much like it’s revolutionary-inspired predecessor, tea, coffee is abundantly full of antioxidants and carcinogen-fighting substances to help you feel better and live a healthier life.  Unfortunately those benefits are lost in old, shelf stable coffee.

Ciclismo Coffee Roasters’ Mission

That’s where we hope to come into your world.

Our mission is to roast quality, local, freshly roasted, and handcrafted coffee while keeping our customers, suppliers, and employees focused foremost.  Through responsible community interactions, we will maintain and promote healthy lifestyles, positive relationships, and continually build trust and camaraderie while strengthening the bond between our company and our friends (you).  Our primary objectives will always remain to provide an outstanding product with profits for the company and its stakeholders a distant second goal.

As our business model progresses, we know there will be changes to some of our objectives behind the scenes, but we hope to keep our core mission constant: to provide you with great coffee!

Our First Offering

Ok.. Ok.. I get it.  You’re the person who doesn’t care about the health benefits of coffee, and you don’t really care how we’re going to save the world through our mission statement and business objectives.  You’re the person saying, “Just get to the dang coffee, will ya?”

Fair enough.

For those of you seeking our coffee, we’ll be unveiling our Biking Bear Blend as our first offering.  We searched far and wide trying different coffee origins from Africa, South America, and Central America primarily.  In the end, we decided to settle on a single blended offering for our customers with the understanding that some of you may be making your first foray into specialty coffee.

Ciclismo’s Biking Bear Blend

Ciclismo Coffee’s Biking Bear Blend is a flavorful, versatile, full-bodied brew capable of pleasing any palate.  A blend of Central American coffees, we like BBB as a Chemex pour over brewed for two (you and a friend, of course), but it will certainly lend itself to excellent espresso (if you’re into that kind of thing), meaty french press, or great drip coffee.  However you like your coffee prepared, Biking Bear Blend will be something you and your friends can enjoy.

Ciclismo Coffee

The Biking Bear Blend will be Ciclismo Coffee’s first offering.  A blend of Central American coffees is sure to please any palate and any brew application.

In cupping this blend, we found notes of molasses, caramelized sugars, and dark fruits with a pronounced full-bodied mouthfeel on the tongue without a great deal of acidity (although well-balanced acidity, I should add).  Perhaps you taste something different all together in the cup.  That’s great!  Flavors in coffee are meant for different interpretations, but I can assure you that you’ll enjoy this blend as our first offering.  In the days and months to come, frequently check our coffee offerings page to see what we’re brewing up next.

We hope to begin offering single origins after the first of the year in limited quantities.  This will give you an opportunity to voice how you’r enjoying each offering and allow us to improve our roasting processes to get the best possible cup out of each batch.

Moving Forward – Our Host, Barefoot Market

Ciclismo Coffee

Scott Belding (above, answering the banana phone) has graciously allowed us to use his store as our home for the foreseeable future.

Our friend, Scott Belding – Owner of Barefoot Market in Stephenville, has graciously allowed us to use his store as our home for the foreseeable future.  Barefoot is a holistic, healthy food store located on the South Loop in Stephenville (behind H-E-B) and has been a great destination for many Stephenvillians (?) to get great smoothies, organic and natural foods, and healthy alternatives to today’s packaged foods.

Our plan will be to use Mr. Belding’s storefront as our hub.  On Saturday mornings, we will be in Barefoot selling our wares, brewing fresh coffee, and getting to know each and every one of you.  Come by, enjoy a cup of coffee, and hang out with us on Saturday mornings at Barefoot Market.

Cycling and Coffee – A Beautiful Marriage

There likely isn’t a happier tandem than cycling and coffee (except for cycling and beer, perhaps).  Cyclists often use the bike as a means to travel from cafe to cafe in European settings and urban American settings as well.  We hope to bring a taste of that type of culture to Stephenville.  One of our ambitions for our Saturday market days will be to offer morning “coffee cup rides” before we begin our market day at the smoothie shop.

After all, our business theme is a bear on a bike.  We’ve got to keep him happy, right?

Shop Ciclismo Online

Finally, we’ve set up an online store for our customers to order coffee for Saturday pickups.  Simply click “Shop” in the menu above to be directed to our online Shopify store.  Our online shopping feature should be considered a “deposit” in exchange for coffee.  This method will help us gauge how much coffee to roast each Thursday and how much extra to bring to market.  Any orders placed by 5:00 P.M. on Wednesday will be guaranteed for Saturday pickup.

With, we hope to offer subscriptions for our regular buyers so you can get the coffee you want and need when you want and need it without having to place an order each and every week.  We hope to have this service up and running by the year’s end or early next year.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the shop as we add coffee as well as Ciclismo original merchandise.

We Look Forward to Meeting You

On behalf of Ashley and I, we look forward to meeting you!  This has been a long, thoughtful process to dive into truly owning our own business and providing a great product to our friends in Stephenville.  Ultimately, we’re here for you, and our goal is to please each and every customer and to listen intently to your feedback, questions, and concerns.  We value what you have to say.  After all, if you don’t like our product, who will?

For more information, check our Ciclismo Coffee Roasters Facebook page for frequent updates, sales, discounts, etc.  We will also be regularly posting information here on our website with ways to help you make the best coffee you can at home and just some of our general thoughts.

We look forward to serving you.


Seth and Ashley

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