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10 Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Christmas shopping can take lot of work and time to find the right gift for your loved one.  This task is made especially difficult if you are getting a gift for a coffee lover who seems to have just about everything when it comes to coffee.  From online shopping to Pinterest ideas where do you start?

Just sit back and relax because we put together this list of 10 unique gifts for coffee lovers.


unique gifts for coffee lovers

Star Wars themed KeepCup.

This is a great gift for coffee lovers!  You can customize the colors of your KeepCup, and with virtually limitless color combinations you will be sure to find the right one for your coffee lover.  The KeepCup comes in plastic or glass and can hold up to 16 oz.  Their mission is to promote the use of reusable cups all around the globe and have people use less paper and plastic coffee cups to help protect the environment.

Not only you can have customized colors but business can print their logo on the KeepCups.  Recently KeepCup came up Star Wars mugs!  You can even get the lovable BB8 in an 8 oz mug.



Now this coffee maker is pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread!  The AeroPress is great for travelers and can be used to make different coffee drinks.  You can make an Americano and lattes with the AeroPress.  It’s very simple to use, easy to clean out, and you don’t need a scale.



Canadiano recommends using light or dark roast coffee beans with the White Oak Canadiano edition.

This is a great coffee maker and has a very unique look.  Each coffee maker Canadiano designs is unique for different coffee beans.  Each of these handcrafted brew is made from single cut of hardwood and each type of wood will blend a different character with the coffee.

The Canadiano works just like a traditional pour over, but thanks to the clever all-hardwood design, different flavors and brews will be the result of your investment.  Oddly eccentric, yet beautifully made, the Canadiano is a great gift for the holidays.

Coffee Poster


This unique poster has 30 different hand crafted coffee recipes and can be found online at Etsy.  It’s handy to have a quick illustration that shows how to make different coffee drinks from around the world.   The coffee poster boasts a 5-star rating on Etsy and is certain to make a great wall decoration for your coffee lover friend.

Virtually Auto Espresso Maker


This little guy has traveled all the way from France to the States and now available on and many online stores. The Virtually Auto Espresso Maker was created for folks who take long trips on the road but need a short coffee break.  It takes less than 5 minutes to make a great espresso before you hit the road again.

No need to stop by a coffee shop or wait in line for some hot coffee!

The Ultimate Travel Kit 


The Blue Bottle Travel Kit is an excellent, all-encompassing gift for a coffee lover.

This gift will win your coffee lover’s heart! Blue Bottle Coffee created a travel kit to carry everything to make coffee whether it’s a weekend trip or long one. There are two kits available online: the Travel Kit and the Sabbatical Kit. The Travel Kit is perfect for day trips and the Sabbatical Kit is ideal for those long haul trips.

These two kits have everything you need to make coffee. Just need to add water and voilà!

Bookman Cup Holder


The Bookman Cup Holder

This is a perfect gift for cyclists! The Bookman Cup Holder is created to snap on bike handlebars and is made without screws or glue. It has two rings and steel string inside to mount on the handlebars.

“The Cup Holder sits firmly in place never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes.” -Bookman

The Bookman Cup Holder comes in a variety of different colors and can be used to hold a large or small cup of coffee by simply flipping the holder. This unique cup holder can even hold cans and bottles while biking.

If you are looking for simple and inexpensive gift for your coffee lover friend this is the one for you!

The Chemex

brewed coffee

The available 6- Cup Classic series Glass Coffee Maker

The Chemex coffee maker was designed for everyday use and beauty. There are a 8 different coffee makers that Chemex has designed, and each one is unique and come in a variety of sizes.  All the way from 3 cups to 13 cups of coffee, the Chemex is prepared for any holiday gathering.

Santa Claws Christmas Blend

Gifts for coffee lovers

Santa Claws is a full-bodied South American blend sure to satisfy the holiday crowds.

What’s a gift for coffee lovers without coffee itself?  If you’re searching for a holiday-exclusive cuppa joe, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing our Santa Claws Christmas Blend! This blend is heavily-laden with South American coffees and full of rich body and silkiness on the tongue.  It’s lighter than our Black Bear Dark Roast, but darker than the Biking Bear Blend. Each of our coffee blends we sell are fresh every week and pick ups are on Saturdays at Barefoot Market.

Bee House Pour Over Starter Kit


The Bee House Starter Kit is a great gift for any coffee enthusiast. Simple and delicous!

This is a great starter kit for someone learning how to brew pour over coffee for the first time. The Bee House is perfect for some who is new at brewing coffee because there are small holes at the bottom that help control the dripper. This little starter kit includes your choice of Ciclismo Coffee, the Bee House Brewer, and 100 Melitta #4 filters.  Just add water.


No matter what your loved ones are into for the holidays, coffee is never a bad choice.  With so many coffee gadgets and trinkets available on the marketplace, you’ll easily find something to satiate their coffee needs.  Come see us at Barefoot Market this Saturday to get your coffee pre-orders in for the holidays or simply pre-order online at

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